This list of resources includes publications, projects, news items and other materials arising from the EUA-BCA and other initiatives that may be of interest to the science-policy community concerned with black carbon in the Arctic.

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Winiger, P., Barrett, T. E., Sheesley, R. J., Huang, L., Sharma, S., Barrie, L. A., … Gustafsson, Ö. (2019). Source apportionment of circum-Arctic atmospheric black carbon from isotopes and modeling. Science Advances, 5(2), eaau8052.

Type: Journal article
Issues: BC Sources BC Sources
Year: 2019

World Bank Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR). (2019, June 12). Increased Shale Oil Production and Political Conflict Contribute to Increase in Global Gas Flaring. Press release No: 2019/EEX/200/. Retrieved from

Type: Press release
Issues: Flaring Flaring
Year: 2019